JeAnna’s 108 – Pound Fat Loss Transformation

“I’m full of energy and living life again! Not just a wife and mom! We all give up so much when we have children because life becomes about being a parent. Now I’m taking care of me!!”

Hey ladies, Coach Shane here.

Now I’m gonna be honest here, a lot of the things JeAnna was dealing with when she transformed her body are a lot of the reasons why most women think they'll never be able to lose weight.

I hear things like this all the time-“I’m too old to lose weight” or “My body’s never been the same since I had kids” and truthfully, if you were using the average diet program then I would understand where you’re coming from…

But it’s like I’ve been saying this whole time, the Dream Body in 90 Challenge is NOT what you get from your average program or diet.

The results you’re about to see are what you get when you STOP listening to the wrong people and start working WITH your body instead of against it, and that’s what Kaiser Coach will help you with.

If you have any doubts then let me put them to rest with this interview…

Enjoy. 🙂

How much weight did you lose?

I have lost 138 lbs.

JeAnna, what made you decide to go on this transformation journey?

“After my son moved out I figured I would start focusing on my health more, I did dabble in quite a few diets before this but I didn't get the results that I wanted so I eventually gave up. But now that I had more time I decided to give Kaiser Coach a try around March 2020. I really wanted something that not only helped me lose weight but also helped me keep it off which is one of my biggest fears.”

Coach Shane: I definitely understand where you’re coming from JeAnna, a lot of women don’t know that losing weight is only half the battle…

The other half is to keep it all off for good. I've seen so many people that have lost weight, and 80% of them gain it all back because they didn’t take the necessary steps.

Kaiser Burner helps you not only burn fat quicker when using Kaiser Coach, but it also helps your body adjust to your new weight so that it never gains back a single pound ever again.

Before working with us, what did you do to lose weight?

“I’ve tried every diet in the world! Lol to only gain more back than I lost. The Dream Body in 90 Challenge has the same beliefs I have always thought. That is if you give up food, you will be destined to fail or if you think the solution is to just eat less then you will eventually just give up. Kaiser Coach’s method of finding your metabolic calorie rate was something no other company offered! This is the most crucial part of losing weight and sets you up for permanent success.”

JeAnna’s Fat Loss Diet

“My sample diet is whatever I made for the family. Including homemade egg noodles, lasagna etc. I did up my protein as suggested and loved this because upping your protein means you don’t lose muscle and you also feel fuller for way longer. Only drink 1/2 your weight in water. Otherwise you lose electrolytes. Most people on a diet hurt themselves by drinking too much water.”

JeAnna's Motivation

“My motivation came as I wanted to get back to who I was. We raised our son who is 20 now and lives with his gf. I needed to be me again. I’m 59!”

“I started using the Dream Body in 90 Challenge around March 2020 and I have lost 138 pounds”..

– JeAnna

Fat Burning Exercises

“My holistic Dr allowed me to walk so walking was my main source of exercise. When I wanted to mix things up I danced to YouTube videos. The figure 8 motion of dancing definitely works your abs and hips, well your entire body actually lol.”

Did you take in supplements to help you on this journey?

“I mainly used Kaiser Burner for extra fat burning properties, this was included in my Dream Body in 90 Challenge.”

JeAnna’s Final Words

“My advice, believe in yourself! You got this! Don’t go crazy with only eating salads etc. if you do, you will crave other foods and overeat. All foods in the food groups are important. Just eat in moderation. The first step of finding your metabolic calorie intake is imperative! DO NOT skip this step.”

Thank you so much JeAnna for doing this interview with me! As you can see ladies, JeAnna here is a mother nearly in her 60’s, but guess what? She STILL transformed her body with ease.

Age doesn’t matter, how many kids you’ve had is irrelevant, once Kaiser Coach finds your Metabolic Type, it’ll be working with your body to achieve the easiest transformation of your life!

Thanks for reading! I’m gonna have more interviews soon so be on the lookout. 💪

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