How Linda Lost 82 Pounds and Toned Her Body To Perfection

“This was the easiest transformation ever. Far easier than I imagined”
- Linda

I’m gonna be honest here ladies, Linda here was one of my harder transformations to achieve but not for the reason you may be thinking…

It didn’t really have anything to do with Kaiser Coach or the Dream Body in 90 Challenge as a whole not working, the problem was Linda kept holding herself back.

Every single day without fail I would hear things like “I have no time”. “I have 3 young kids”. “I work 60+ hours a week”. “I don’t have the energy I used to”.

I honestly didn’t think she would make it because she kept holding herself back, plus I was kinda getting sick of hearing her complain all the time (sorry Linda 🤣).

Things changed once I pulled her up on this, I said to her “Look Linda...We can’t work together anymore. I’m giving you solutions, you keep giving me objections. This WILL work for you. You just need to have faith, take action and stop giving me excuses”

Here's the thing with the Dream Body in 90 Challenge, you’ve already heard me preach about how easy it is to transform your body with it in 90 days or less, but most women don’t realize how customisable it is as well.

Every excuse Linda gave didn’t apply here because of how customizable this system is, it doesn't ask you to go to the gym for hours on end and you’re also not eating very specific food that makes things even harder yourself…

And once I did have this conversation with Linda I never heard her complain again beauce once she actually gave this a proper try, she realized how easy it actually was.

That’s what makes this interview so special to me because it shows that as long as you trust the process you WILL get results like Linda did.

Anyway let's get on with the interview!

So Linda, what made you decide to go on this transformation journey?

“Well like most women I was getting older and I could tell my metabolism was nowhere near what it used to be. I never used to gain weight in my 20’s but that all changed when I hit my 30s, I was gaining weight no matter what I was doing. By the time I was 42 years old I gained 75 pounds.

It made me feel so insecure about myself, especially since I was never overweight in my younger years. So I decided it was time for a change, I didn't want to wake up one day and be 100 pounds overweight so I knew I had to do something.

I’m a mother of 3 so of course I always put my children first which is especially why I wanted to lose weight. So while I felt insecure about my weight it honestly wasn't just about me.

I wanted to have more energy for my kids but I felt tired and sluggish all the time. I wanted to be in great health so that I could not only be there for my family, but I also want to meet my grandchildren one day and I knew if I wanted to live to see that day I needed to get back in shape.“

Before working with me, what did you do to lose weight?

“The first thing I did was sign up to my nearest gym, I honestly didn’t know much about losing weight so I thought starting out with some exercise would be best. I was mainly using the treadmill but one day I noticed a bunch of the girls gathering up for some classes and thought I’d give them a try as well.

The gym I went to had so many classes so I just tried a bunch of them to see which one I saw better results with. A few I tried were spin classes, aerobic classes and boxing classes. I didn’t really see any results so I decided to continue these classes but this time I changed my diet by cutting out carbs completely. Once that didn’t work I jumped on Keto and started to lose weight.

But then I gave up completely on both keto and the gym. I just didn’t have the time for it. As a mother of 3 and the owner of a successful business which requires me to work 60+ hours a week, having to go both to the gym and having to make keto meals constantly was time that I didn’t have. It was starting to eat into the little time I did have to spend with my kids, by the time I was done with everything they’d already be asleep so I barely saw them.

Once I gave up though I gained back all the weight that I lost with keto, so then I immediately started going back to the gym and started my diet again, only now I wasn’t seeing any results like before.

I was on the verge of giving up again but then I saw one of your clients’ transformations in one of the weight loss Facebook groups I was a part of, so I inboxed her to get your details. And since working with you I’ve lost 82 pounds!”

What was different when you started working with us?

“In the beginning I didn’t have a lot of trust in you so I wasn’t taking the things you said too seriously. I honestly believed you were just going to put me on a really boring diet that made me eat lots of salad and keep me in a gym for hours which I already wasn’t happy with.

That is until you pulled me up on it lol, after that I realized what I was doing was unfair to you especially when I was the one that reached out to you for help in the first place.

I’m so glad you did pull me up on my mistakes Coach Shane because that’s when I learned how different you were. For starters, the eating plan I had was absolutely delicious lol! I actually really like how I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I listened to what you said, I actually felt full for once which was rare even when I wasn’t on a diet.

I’m someone that likes to eat out a lot just because of how convenient it is for me since I don’t have the time to cook on most days, I did have to stop when I was on my last diet but now I can have my lunch at my favorite restaurants which is huge for me!

Lastly, the workout plan was so easy, the gym was optional which was a huge plus for me personally. I did like working out but the time it took me to go to the gym during peak hours made my workouts sometimes take up to 3 HOURS.

Now I workout 2-3 times per week only for about 20-30 minutes each session just focusing on toning and sculpting my body. I don’t do these workouts at the gym though, Coach Shane gave me a workout routine that I could do at home. As soon as I found out that I could do less work and that I could do it all from home I immediately canceled my gym membership.”

Linda's Fat Loss Diet

Calories 2200

Protein- 160 Grams
Carbs- 280 Grams
Fat- 50 Grams


1 Homemade Ham and Egg Wrap (2 eggs, 100 grams of egg whites, 3 rashers of honey leg ham in a large tortilla bread) 1 Moccha (Made from 1 serving of skim milk, 1 tablespoon of Nesquik chocolate powder and stevia sweetener)


Linda eats out at work for this meal and this meal is usually the following: Nandos Chicken Burger and chips 1 Diet Coke Or 1 Subway Foot long (Chicken Fillet on wheat bread with all salads minus onions and jalepenos and with Marinara sauce or honey mustard) 1 Diet Coke


Healthy Homemade Pizza on a pita bread wrap with low fat pepperoni, low fat cheese, chicken breast and low fat cheese. The base is a regular pizza tomato base.

“Working full time and being a mother of three kids doesn’t leave me with a lot of time. So I’m glad that Coach Shane provided me with a system that was made for my body and that was simple to follow.”

“I finally have confidence to wear dresses that show my body instead of hide it…”

Fat Burning Exercises

Linda would take 3 10 minute walks spread throughout her day after 3 of her meals.

These walks along with some home workouts she would do at home to tone her body were the only exercises Linda would do, though the home workouts were optional.

Linda's Final Words

“If I can do this then anyone can. The reason why most diets failed me was because I just didn’t have the time to follow them. Even when I made some sacrifices to make time, these programs still didn’t work for me.

Now I don’t know if it's because I got older or because I had kids that made it harder for me to lose weight but either way, every approach I tried before failed me. That’s where Coach Shane and his amazing team stepped in…

He taught me that fighting my body is what was making things harder than what it should’ve been, working out for hours stops being effective eventually and this journey doesn’t have to be as long and grueling as most make it out to be. For anyone reading this, just do it and don’t look back, I honestly wish I found this sooner.”

Thank you so much Linda for doing this interview with me! Just keep in mind ladies that with Kaiser Coach you’ll be getting the exact same coaching advice based on your needs that I gave Linda and with the Dream Body in 90 Challenge you’ll also have access to the same workouts that Linda used as well.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back with another interview soon. 🙂

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