Maddison’s 61 Pound Fat Loss Journey
No More Maddy-Fatty

Coach Shane here and I’m back with another interview! I would like you ladies to meet my client Maddison.

I think a lot of you will be able to relate to Maddison, because just like a lot of us she has been overweight her whole life.

She told me that it all started at the age of 12 where as a kid she would be comparing herself to other kids half her size and this made her feel different and out of place…

When she turned 30, things got even worse because no matter how hard she would diet, she still gained weight uncontrollably.

But after getting into amazing shape with Kaiser Coach, she finally feels like herself and today she’s here to share her experience with us!

So Maddison, how much weight did you lose?

“I’m down 61 pounds and at my goal weight.”

What made you decide to go on this transformation journey?

“I’ve been overweight for most of my life, it wasn’t something that I was proud of but I was used to it. But that all changed because of one incident.

Back in the day people teased and bullied me for my weight, but this was equally balanced by my loving family who always supported me. At the end of my terrible days at school, my whole family was there to comfort and motivate me.

My mom would even cook my favorite meal almost every day just to cheer me up (talk about an abler lol, love you mom). This taught me that despite being fat I don’t need to be miserable because I have people that love me for who I am.

From then up until my mid 20’s I was used to being called fat to the point where I wasn't bothered by it. I was desensitized to it from my high school years.

At least I thought I was, when I just turned 31 someone close to me called me “Maddy Fatty”. That’s when I decided to go on this journey.

It actually came from my 5-year-old niece, it sounds silly I know but kids can be brutally honest lol, so when these words came out of my niece’s mouth it really started getting to me.

That’s when it hit me, “The whole world knows me as Maddy Fatty, they just don’t say it to my face.“

The next day something happened on my way to work that was the icing on my Maddy-Fatty cake.

On my way to work I almost got run over by a car, this was my own fault for not paying attention, but as it happened the driver shouted “Stupid Lard-Ass!”.

I know it was my fault for not paying attention, but I was already feeling pretty down that day thanks to my niece from the day before, but this made me feel even worse.

I was fed up with it all, I was sick of everyone seeing me as less of a person just because of my weight. I decided to transform myself and show the world that my name is Maddison, not “Maddy-Fatty” or “Lard Ass”. That’s how it all started and how my journey led me here”

Coach Shane: You know Maddison, it’s crazy how similar our stories are. What made me start trying to lose weight was because of an incident similar to yours. I was out for a walk with my brother who at the time was in much better shape than me, which was rare for my family because of how bad our genetics are.

We ran into some kid we’d never met, he gave me one look and said “Wow! Your brother's really fat! Look how big his belly is!”

It’s funny how honest kids can be, they’ll say the things everyone is thinking right to your face. But it’s this brutally honest opinion that changed our lives for the better so it’s not all bad. 🙂

Before working with us, what did you do to lose weight?

“When I decided to finally lose weight, the first thing I tried was the keto diet, since at the time this was the most popular way to lose weight I decided to give it a shot.

I subscribed to an online keto program that offers monthly meal plans for $40 a month. I was loving it in the beginning because I actually lost 6 lbs! My motivation after this was at an all time high so I kept on going.

But my love for keto turned into pure hate 😂. Because after losing 6lbs I just stopped losing weight, it didn’t matter how restrictive I got with the diet, the scale wasn’t changing.

On top of that, my cravings for sugary and fatty foods were starting to get out of control. The more I would fight these cravings, the more moody I became. I went from Maddy-Fatty to Maddy-Mad-Fatty lol.

I was angry all the time thanks to my cravings, my hair was falling out while I was on this diet for some reason and the results just weren't there. So I quit the program and unsubscribed after 3 months.”

What was different when you started working with us?

“The food I could eat! I couldn’t believe I was allowed to eat that much food in a day or that I wasn’t restricted in any way as to what I could eat.

I’m so used to diets taking away the things I love so seeing that I could have my cake and eat it too? It’s mind blowing honestly, it’s sad how we’ve been programmed to think that diets like keto that take away the things that we enjoy is just part of being on a diet.”

Maddison's Fat Loss Diet


🥞 Protein Pancakes- Recipe from the cookbook


"I let myself enjoy different snacks throughout the day depending on how many calories I had left after I factored in dinner. I rotated my dinner and snacks often to keep things fresh!"

🍫 CHOCOLATES- Snickers Bar

🥤 Protein Shake

🍨 Ice cream – Skinny Cow


🍽️ Quinoa with Chicken and Lentils

🥗 Fruit Salad

🍲 BBQ Sauce


🍽️ Chicken, Pepper, and Corn Stir-Fry

🌶️ Sweet Chilli Sauce

🥬 Steam Vegetables

Favourite cheat meal?

“Chocolates! The one thing that I was never willing to give up hahaha… But I just made sure that I didn’t overindulge!”

“Ladies, I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there for most of my life, but it doesn't take as long as you think. If I can do it, anyone can. All you need is the right guidance from people like Coach Shane that actually care about you.“

Maddison's Motivation

“I reminded myself daily that I was becoming the REAL Maddison, NOT Maddy-Fatty. Just reminding myself that I was going to become the best version of myself constantly was motivating me every single day. Though I’ll be honest and say having crazy high motivation isn’t really needed because of how easy it was to lose weight. I personally think motivation is something that you only need when you're doing some really restrictive diets which isn’t the case here.”

Did you find yourself falling off the plan at all?

“Not really as far as I can remember, honestly I was already eating what I wanted so it would’ve been extremely hard to fall off something I was actually enjoying lol.”

Did you take any supplements to help you on this journey?

“Yes, I take Kaiser Burner everyday. It really helps with maintaining my weight but also keeps false hunger signals in check. Thanks to Kaiser Burner I don't feel like a bottomless pit like I used to.”

Maddison's Final Words

“Ladies, I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there for most of my life, but it doesn't take as long as you think. If I can do it, anyone can. All you need is the right guidance from people like Coach Shane that actually care about you.

It’s just a matter of getting started and trust me, you see progress pretty quick which will motivate you to keep going!”

Thank you so much for such an amazing interview Maddison! Your story really took me back to a time where I was struggling to lose weight as well.

For the ladies that have dealt with the mean comments some people make about your weight, don't let them upset you, you’d be amazed at how great these comments can be for motivation on this journey.

Always keep those comments in the back of your head and remind yourself of what they said, I know this sounds a bit bad lol, but it not only worked for me, it’s also worked for a lot of my clients like Maddison.

Thanks for checking out my interview and I hope you’re here for the next one. 💪

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