Marina's EPIC 130 Pound Fat Loss Transformation Journey

Hey It's Coach Shane here, and my next interview is with someone a lot of you ladies are already familiar with…

I've spoken about my client Marina at length but I thought an interview like this would be a great idea because a lot of you haven't heard her whole story.

I've gotten so many emails and messages from you ladies saying how much you relate to Marina's story so this interview was done for you, I'm even gonna show you what Marina's routine consisted of.

I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

So Marina, what made you decide to turn your life around?

“If I'm being honest… It all started because I was bullied most of my teenage life. I won't go into details but I will say that most of the bullying involved my weight, so it was around that time I decided to try and turn things around.

What I didn't know was how hard it would be for me to get the trim figure I've always wanted. It didn't matter what diet I would try, I just ended up gaining all the weight I would lose back. I tried low carb diets. I tried paleo. I tried keto. I was on Atkins for the longest time.

I got into workout DVDs, went to the gym, and fasted for 16 hours a day. I tried everything that money could buy, from paid programs to diet pills and meal replacement shakes.

It was like for every step I took forward, progress would stop, and I would take an extra two steps back by not only gaining back the weight I lost, but also by gaining an extra few pounds after every diet I tried.

It got to the point where I was seeing zero progress with anything I tried so I ended up just giving up completely. It was on my Honeymoon in Fiji that things took a turn for the worst.

I started feeling dizzy, short of breath and I had this sharp pain in my left arm, then everything just turned black. It was the last thing I remembered from that day.

When I woke up in a hospital bed a doctor told me what happened, it was a heart attack that he said was caused by my extremely high cholesterol.

He then said that I needed to lose weight immediately, otherwise this could happen again. I was so scared because I already tried losing weight for years at this point, I even told him but he didn't believe me.

But what's crazy is that on that same day while I was scrolling through Facebook in my hospital bed, I saw some incredible transformations that Coach Shane was responsible for.

So I did some digging, found his email address and sent an email his way begging for help haha! And I guess you can say the rest is history.

Coach Shane: And I'm so grateful for that email Marina, it was thanks to you that I realized that so many women were struggling just like you. Which leads me to my next question lol.

What was different about my system and methods compared to the others you've tried?

“Well for starters there are no restrictions which was the biggest thing for me. I can eat food I actually really like which is a huge difference from the other diets I tried lmao. Food was my biggest struggle but thankfully I didn’t have that problem here.

I also followed a VERY easy training and exercise routine with you, which again made me so happy since those workout DVDs I followed always left me feeling really tired throughout the week.

These exercises also don't make me feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest which is another bonus lol.

Every other diet or exercise program I tried before this made me starve or would make me cut out carbs, fats, or any other foods I actually liked to eat, all while killing myself in the gym.

All this hard work and I had nothing to show for it, it’s really funny how my best results came when I started working with Coach Shane and I was doing WAY less work LOL.”

“I was so insecure, I felt judged everywhere I went…”
– Marina

Once I started working with Marina I got her to do a few things:


We all have a category our Metabolic Type’s fall into, in this case Marina had a Suppressed Metabolism.

And it’s no wonder why, she only ate about 1000 calories a day on average so it’s no surprise she wasn't losing a single pound.

So the first thing I did was get her to eat more food.

Based on Marina’s weight, she needed to be eating 2500-2750 calories a day to be losing weight.

But she didn’t eat this amount of calories right away, we added 100-150 calories extra every week until Marina was eating 2750 calories a day filled with absolutely delicious food.

That’s when she saw REAL results, once she actually worked with her Metabolic Type instead of suppressing it more, fat loss was fast and furious!

Remember that your body can get used to eating MORE food just like it gets used to eating LESS food, eating too little is what causes a suppressed metabolism in the first place.

Kaiser Coach will also show you how to increase your calories based on your Metabolic Type once you start using it.

130 Pounds Burned Off In Record Time!


Now keep in mind that Marina wanted to go to the gym but you don’t have to, she wanted to build some toned muscle so I had her follow the 90 Day Bikini Body Blueprint that’s included in the Dream Body in 90 Challenge.

It’s a very easy to follow routine that any woman can do whether you’re a beginner or more experienced with weight training.

Marina’s Exercise Routine consisted of: MONDAY Deadlift – 10-15 Reps Done 3 times. Bench Press – 8-12 Reps Done 3 times. THURSDAY Squats – 8-12 Reps Done 3 times. Glute Kickbacks- 15-20 Reps Done 2 times.


Besides the gym, the only extra exercise Marina did were 2 ten minute walks after lunch and dinner.

One thing I remember is how Marina was fighting me when I first told her to eat more, but once she listened, I got some very happy messages from her a few days later. 😂

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be able to wear a bikini out in public!”

With Kaiser Coach… You pick the foods you love as long as you follow the advice Kaiser Coach gives you.

You have to enjoy what you’re doing or you’ll always give up, I know from experience.

You need to be able to stick to what you’re doing. At no point during Marina’s transformation did I give her a cookie cutter diet of chicken breast and broccoli.

When most of my clients come to me, they expect a magical diet. The best diet is the one that you can stick to for a long period of time. And you get just that with the Dream Body in 90 Challenge.

“I stopped believing I would ever wear a bikini in my life. Coach Shane's methods are amazing”

Marina's Final Words

“Getting your dream body is easy when you have a coach. When you have support. When someone is in your corner every step of the way showing you what you need to do.

When I did it alone progress would always stop, I would second guess myself, binge eat, the list goes on.

But with a coach, you always know what to do. After working with Coach Shane he later told me about his new Kaiser Coach app so I even got my husband Peter in on it, and now he looks like an entirely different person from the man I married.

I’m just so grateful for all the help Coach Shane has given us both!”

“I was so ashamed I couldn't lose any weight before my wedding day…”

“But regardless, me and my husband both feel like the best version of ourselves. We couldn't be any happier. I’m so glad he came on this journey with me.”

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