The Following Transformation Took Nikita From Being Obese... To Melting Off 112 Pounds Of Fat And Wearing A Bikini For The First Time In Her Life!

I want you ladies to use Nikita's emotional success story as motivation because I promise you that you can lose weight just like Nikita has and it's not hard!

It's like she says in this interview, “Progress was RAPID! My body was shrinking every day”, this can be you as well.

So let's get into the interview!

Nikita, what made you decide to go on this transformation journey?

“There were 3 things that happened that made me decide to turn my life around.

The first was work. People at work seemed to have lost their respect for me. Every time I gave my opinion, people would look at me funny or have a look of disgust. As if they were saying 'how can we trust you or your opinion, when you can't even look after yourself?''

I tried my best to ignore this and tell myself I was just being paranoid, but I also overheard 3 girls talking about me in the kitchen at work. One girl said 'I can't believe how much she's let herself go.'' Another one said 'She shouldn't be wearing that, it looks like her clothes are about to burst. It isn't a good look'.

That really hurt me but what happened in that same week but even more. I was heading to work on the train when a woman said to me 'Sweetie…I don't mean to come off rude but you probably shouldn't be wearing that', I was wearing a t-shirt that was a little too small for me, I knew it looked a little tight on me and my stomach was hanging out a bit but I had nothing else I could wear that day. I didn't realize how much I had let myself go, I was so embarrassed.

Lastly, my relationship was really starting to lose its intimacy. When we were intimate which was becoming rare, it just didn't feel the same anymore, it was like he was forcing himself, I could tell he was losing interest in me, especially since I would catch him checking out other girls in much better shape than me. This was really starting to cause a strain in our relationship and I was starting to get worried. That's when I decided enough was enough.

I tried hundreds of diets, many personal trainers and routines, literally nothing worked for me. I spent thousands of dollars trying everything, only to end up fatter. But when I found Coach Shane online everything changed…”

“I felt Disgusted in myself when I looked in the mirror…”- Nikita

What approaches had you tried in the past?

“I was on Keto for months, I tried Paleo, I counted calories. Everything worked for a little while, until it didn't. Then I stopped losing weight completely.

I would then get depressed and start eating normally again, only to gain a huge amount of weight. I didn't know what else I could do though.

I followed everything that I could find on Google, YouTube, blogs, and advice from my friends.

I starved myself, got a personal trainer, and was in the gym for 2 hours a day 6 days a week.

My body ached, my energy was low, and all I had to show for it was a body that only continued to grow bigger.

It wasn't until the intimacy in my relationship really started to die that I decided to give this a try because I was skeptical, but I was running out of options, but I'm so thankful I did.”

How was working with me different from the approaches you tried before?

"For starters I was eating more, I was so worried about gaining weight since I have been so used to eating as little as I can but the opposite happened which at the time was crazy to me! I was so used to going to bed hungry all the time that when I actually felt full for once I had the best sleep of my life. That's when I realized I was doing everything wrong.

All I had to do was use Kaiser Burner once a day and use the app Coach Shane created called Kaiser Coach. Once I did that, the fat wouldn't stop flying off, at first I would still see people staring at me but it wasn't the look of judgement that I used to always get, it was a look of awe, people even started coming up to me and asking what I did to lose so much weight!

When I started working with my body instead of brute forcing it to lose weight, that's when things actually started going my way."

Here's what Nikita's day of eating looks like:


🍽️ Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes or Coco Pops- 70
🥛 1 Cup Skim Milk
🥤 Protein Shake


🍽️ Nandos Quarter Chicken (Rotisserie)
🍟 1 Medium Fries
🧃 Diet Coke


🍽️ T-Bone Steak
🍠 1 Baked Potato


🥯 1.5 Cups of Cookies and
🍦 Ice Cream (low fat)
🥤 Protein Shake

Gym Time

Nikita only went to the gym one day per week, this was completely optional but Nikita wanted to go so we created a plan for her:

Wednesday Bench Press- 10-15 Reps- Done 3 times Deadlift- 10-15 Reps- Done 3 times Squats- 10-15 Reps- Done 3 times

This routine is EXTREMELY simple and EXTREMELY effective. We focused on toning and sculpting Nikita's body instead of depriving and draining her body with hours of cardio or gym time.

“Progress was RAPID! My body was shrinking every day. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be wearing a bikini in public.”

Nikita's Advice

“If I can do this then you can too, it's really not hard when you have Kaiser Coach, Coach Shane and the whole KaiserFit community at your side.

For the first time in my life I actually went to the beach and had the confidence to wear a bikini out in public…It still blows my mind how far I've come in such a short time.

My life has only gotten better, and yours will too. Just put your faith into the team at KaiserFit and I promise you they'll be there every step of the way.”

Thank you for such an awesome interview Nikita! I hope Nikita's words have inspired you ladies to go out there and transform your own body!

I have some more interviews in the works so I'll see you ladies next time. 💪

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