Rebeca's Amazing Journey & Life Changing Transformation

“When the centimeters started going down I got so excited and I love how easy it’s all been.”

- Rebeca

Hey Coach Shane here coming to you with another interview! I was so proud of Rebeca that I just had to share her story with you.

As you can see in her transformation photos, she lost 11 pounds of PURE body fat and the difference you can see in her body is incredible.

Let’s not waste time and get right into it! 💪

Rebeca, what made you decide to go on this transformation journey?

"I was unhappy with the way that I looked and I felt like I couldn’t lose weight or body fat no matter how hard I was trying. It really affected mentally. But the biggest reason I decided to do this was for my daughter because I wanted to set a good example for her and be here for her as long as possible.""

Coach Shane: I totally understand where you’re coming from here Rebeca, when I had a heart attack I felt awful, but it wasn’t just because I was worried about death…

I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my wife all alone, I felt so guilty for making her worry. That’s why I worked so hard to create the Dream Body in 90 Challenge, not only to help me but to help so many women suffering like I was.

Before working with us, what did you do to lose weight?

"I tried only eating one meal a day, which led me to be starving all the time. I tried using hcg 5000 which is an injectable that’s supposed to help you lose weight as well as a meal suppressant, that was working for a bit until my body stopped reacting to it. I tried some other diets but all of them did the same thing, helped me lose some weight but then gain it back quickly."

What was different when you started working with us?

"When I started working with you I finally felt full for once, even if I had chocolate or something sweet I didn’t have to feel bad about it because I still saw results, and that made me feel better about myself and motivated me to keep going."

“My stomach was finally going down and that feeling is incredible, you feel on top of the world”

Rebeca's Fat Loss Diet


“I live with my parents and my daughter so I had to eat what they ate, so it was different foods every day, but for my breakfast I don’t usually eat breakfast so I just ate an orange in the morning.”


"I try my best to eat over 150gs of protein, either on its own or with some Basmati rice or a green salad."


"We usually eat chicken with either veg or rice or just a salad so whoever’s turn it is too cook I’ll just eat that but I still make sure I eat about 150gs or protein or more it I could."


I bought some frozen blueberries, cranberries, lychees, and mixed berries which I would mix two or three with some vanilla yogurt and have that as my dessert, or take one or two and make a smoothie with a scoop of Whey Protein powder if I haven’t reached my protein goals yet."

Favourite cheat meal?

"That question made me laugh, I actually really enjoy my yogurt and fruit as my cheat meal, I hardly get the cravings for junk food, I will admit I have had a chocolate here and there, but it’s not often.”

Rebecca’s Motivation

“The motivation came to me pretty naturally because I really wanted change. I wanna feel confident in my own body, and when the centimeters started going down I got so excited and I love how easy it’s all been.”

Fat Burning Exercises (Optional)

“I only really did some 10min walks here and there and I dance quite a bit so I would put some good music on and just dance as it’s a hobby of mine.”

Did you take any supplements to help you on this journey?

“I only took my Kaiser Burner and Whey Protein Shake. I got this usn cla 1000 from a friend of mine, but I’ve only been taking that for 2 weeks now.”

“I have lost about 5kgs of pure fat, which is about 11 pounds”

How much weight have you lost? How long have you been doing Kaiserfit?

“So far I have lost about 5kgs of pure fat, which is about 11 pounds”

Did you find yourself falling off the plan at all?

“Sometimes I felt the need to binge eat when I would see my family eat junk food but this would only happen when I would forget to take Kaiser Burner which is entirely my own fault. I could still eat the junk food they were eating but I already have my meals planned out beforehand so I don’t like eating foods I didn’t plan for in advance.”

Rebecca's Final Words

“I promise you that you can see results like mine. My stomach has finally gone down and that feeling is incredible. You feel on top of the world, so don’t give up, it is worth it and it makes you feel great inside and out.“

That was truly incredible, thank you so much for sharing your story Rebeca! As you can see ladies, the one thing I got out of Rebeca’s story was that despite her circumstances she made everything work.

That’s what makes the Dream Body in 90 Challenge so incredible, it’s flexibility can suit any woman’s current situation and circumstances. And I’ll keep proving that to you with even more interviews so I hope to see you there. ✌️

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